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Genre: Drama | History
Run Time: 103 min
Language: English, Finnish, Russian; Subtitles: English
Director(s): AJ Annila
Screenplay/Writer(s): AJ Annila, Aku Louhimies, Antti Tuuri
Producer(s): Gunnar Carlsson, Mikko Leino, Ilkka Matila
Cast: Sidse Babett Knudsen (Borgen, Westworld & more), Tommi Korpela (Deadwind, Rare Exports), Irina Björklund (The Americans), Ville Virtanen (Bordertown, Jordskott)
Delivery Status: Completed
Based on true events an epic story of one man's struggle for survival. Jussi Ketola, returns to Finland from the great depression struck America only to face growing political unrest. One summer night of 1930, nationalist thugs violently abduct Ketola from his home. Beaten and forced to walk the Eternal Road towards a foreign Soviet Russia, where cruelty seems to know no end, his only dream is to return to his family cost it what it may. Hope dies last.
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Genre: Action/Drama
Run Time: 99 min
Language: Norwegian, English subtitles
Director(s): Leon Bashir
Cast: Leon Bashir, Lene Nyström, Kim Sörensen, Selem Zina
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Countries of Origin: Norway
Joseph spent most of his life in prison. After his younger brother dies, he robs a bank and returns to prison and meets young naive Chris who he tries to tutor from criminal life. Will Josef be able to save Chris from the gangs?
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Action | Thriller
Run Time: 99 min
Language: Swedish, English, Persian and Icelandic
Director(s): Fredrik Hiller
Screenplay/Writer(s): Fredrik Hiller
CoProduction Partner(s): Kruthuset & LittleBig Productions
Producer(s): Anna G. Magnusdottir, Anders Granström, Fredrik Hiller, Thabo Malmén, David Hanna
Cast: Jonas Malmsjö (Real Humans, The Sandhamn Murders), Per Ragnar (Let the Right One In, Storm), Bahar Pars (A Man called Ove)
Delivery Status: Post Production
Year: 2018
A submarine, carrying a military engineered virus, smashes into a city in Southern Sweden, turning the inhabitants into monsters. As the armed forces quarantine the city, a native family and an immigrant one - who, for some reason, are the only people not to be infected - take shelter simultaneously in the old citadel. As the infected advance - and the military starts to consider firebombing the city - the conflict between natives and immigrants escalate to boiling point. In the final hour, in order to survive, they are forced to decide who the true monsters are: the infected on the outside - or the enemies within?
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Genre: Horror/Thriller
Run Time: 110 min
Language: English, Hebrew (English subtitles)
Director(s): Eitan Gafny
Cast: Noa Maiman, Aki Avni, Yafit Shalev, Michael Ironside
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2018
Countries of Origin: Israel
Rachel, a gentle young immigrant arrives to Israel with hopes of serenity. What starts as a touching story, with strong moral conscience and social commentary, turns into a hellish bloodbath, filled with action and thrills.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Crime/Thriller
Run Time: 4x45 min
Language: Icelandic
Director(s): Reynir Lyngdal
Screenplay/Writer(s): Sveinbjörn I. Baldvinsson
Executive Producer(s): Snorri Thorisson and Lija Osk Snorridottir
Producer(s): Pegasus
Cast: Björn Hlynur Haraldssonn, Heida Reed, María Ellingsen, Jóhann G Jóhannsson, Jón Páll Eyjólfsson, Sólveig Arnarsdóttir
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: Sverige
Year: 2014
Countries of Origin: Iceland
The Reykjavik crime detective, Helgi Marvin Runarsson is assigned to work with the local police at the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, on a simple suicide case that proves to be more mysterious than the police thought at first. Helgi has to overcome a variety of mysterious obstacles during the course of the investigation and faces life-threatening danger as he tries to bring the case to its conclusion. He also has to face his own hidden secrets and come to terms with unknown sides of himself. The Cliff 3 in dvlp.
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Genre: Drama
Run Time: 94 min
Language: Finnish
Director(s): Alli Haapasalo
Screenplay/Writer(s): Alli Haapasalo
Producer(s): Rimbo Salomaa; Solarfilms Inc
Cast: Laura Birn, Lauri Tilkanen, Johannes Holopainen
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: Finland
In 1980's Helsinki, a city just about to burst with young energy and rebellion, two young writers determined to conquer the world fall madly in love. For Inka, their love affair puts everything in motion: she finds her own voice - and becomes a sensation. The intensity of their love has a different affect on Juhana, who starts to lose control. At the height of the relationship Inka starts to suspect that being madly in love may actually be driving Juhana mad.
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Genre: Crime / Thriller
Run Time: 94 min
Language: Finnish / Russian (Subtitles: English / Swedish)
Director(s): Lauri Nurkse
Screenplay/Writer(s): Mika Ripatti & Seppo Vesiluoma
Producer(s): Teea Hyytiä & Sari Lempiäinen, Zodiak Finland Oy
Cast: Samuli Edelmann, Martti Suosalo, Ville Haapasalo, Marja Ylipaa, Krista Kosonen
Delivery Status: Completed
Former soldier of the Red Army special troops, Viktor Karppa, has settled in Finland and would like to be a respectable family man. Karppa makes a living doing all kinds of projects (not all of them completely legal), realises that his marriage is almost on the rocks. Before Karppa manages to work things out with his wife Marja he finds out that his trails have led him to a great danger as he has unwillingly become part of the plan to assassinate the new democratic president of Russia. Soon both contract killers and security service are chasing after him. To save himself, his family and the president, Karppa needs help from his police friend Korhonen and his brother Aleksei.
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Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 90 min
Language: Estonian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, English -Subtitles: English, Russian
Director(s): Jaak Kilmi
Screenplay/Writer(s): Martin Algus
CoProduction Partner(s): Ilkka Matila (MRP Matila Röhr Productions), Janis Kalejs (Film Angels Productions)
Producer(s): Kristian Taska
Cast: Märt Pius – Ralf, Karl-Andreas Kalmet – Speculator, Veiko Porkanen – Meathead, Esko Salminen – Old Producer, Julia Berngardt – Rita
Agent: Eyewell AB - world Sales - except: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Ukraine
Delivery Status: Completed
Fast-paced action comedy "The Dissidents" takes us back to the 1980s. Three Estonian guys flee Soviet Union, because they want to have as awesome a life in the free world as they've seen in TV series Miami Vice, Knight Rider and Santa Barbara. Swedes welcome friends as real heroes, who broke through the Iron Curtain. But as the media circus blows over, our dissidents discover that they've become nothing more than tedious immigrants. To put food on the table, they have to do something as lame as... work! But the boys are no quitters, so they come up with new crazy plans that should guarantee success in the Western world. That's when things go totally insane!
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Genre: World War 11 - Drama
Run Time: 100 mins
Language: ESTONIAN
Director(s): Elmo Nuganen
Screenplay/Writer(s): Leo KUNNAS
Producer(s): Kristian TASKA (Taska Film)
Cast: Kaspar VELBERG, Maiken SCHMIDT
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: 1M-3M
Year: 2015
Countries of Origin: ESTONIA, FINLAND
WWII. Decisive battles on the Eastern Front. Men are fighting at the border of Europe and Russia. Some Estonians have been taken to the Red Army, some to Waffen SS. We follow these men through their hopes, aims and fighting for what will come next? 1944 comes from the director and producers, whose feature Names in Marble (2002) broke all audience records in Estonia.
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Genre: Horror
Run Time: 94 min
Language: Swedish
Director(s): Fredrik HIller
Screenplay/Writer(s): Fredrik Hiller
Executive Producer(s):
Producer(s): Fredrik Hiller
Cast: Jonas Malmsjö, Per Ragnar, Görel Crona
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: Sverige
Year: 2010
Countries of Origin: Sweden
The story of a beloved young priest, Henrik Horneus, who suffers from horrific nightmares about his dead mother. One day, he receives word from the coroner in the remote village of Borgvattnet that his father, also a priest, has drowned under unknown circumstances.
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Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy
Run Time: TV Series & Feature | Season 1 - 10 x 45 min
Language: English
Director(s): Krystof Zlatnik
Screenplay/Writer(s): Jan Cronauer
CoProduction Partner(s): Eyewell AB
Executive Producer(s): Mathis Landwehr, Sascha Girndt, Robert Franke
Producer(s): Robert Franke
Cast: Mathis Landwehr Michael Higgs Manon Kahle Sigo Heinisch Tolga Degirmen Luke Cronauer
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: In Development
Budget or Location: � 15 mil.
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: Germany
Land of Giants tells us the story of the outsider Crutch who wanders through the desolate wastelands that remain of the once thriving human civilization after the giants came and destroyed everything. The giants are mysterious colossal creatures and are attracted by any type of electricity consuming technology, and they attack anyone standing in their way. Living in constant fear of this destructive threat, the few survivors have retreated to scattered villages where they are forced to live a life without technology and praise the giants as omniscient gods. Crutch, who lost his mother during an attack of a giant when he was still a child, does not want to accept this life. He has decided to fight these colossal giants in order to finally solve the mystery of their origin and to free humanity from their oppression once and for all.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Action/War
Run Time: 120 min
Language: Swedish
Director(s): Richard Holm
Screenplay/Writer(s): Andre Sjoberg and Johnny Steen
Executive Producer(s): Andre Sjoberg and Johnny Steen
Producer(s): Searock Productions
Cast: Andre Sjoberg, Antti Reini, Bjorn Sundquist, Jens Hulten
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: Sverige
Year: 2011
Countries of Origin: Sweden
BEYOND THE BORDER is a Swedish World War II action drama about the rescue of two young soldiers lost in the woods on Nazi occupied soil after crossing the Swedish- Norwegian border. First feat in trilogy.
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Genre: Crime - Drama
Run Time: 4 x 45 min / 2 x 90 min
Language: Icelandic
Director(s): Reynir Lyngdal
Executive Producer(s): Snorri Thorisson
Producer(s): Pegasus
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location:
Year: 2009
Countries of Origin: Iceland
The Cliff is a dramatic mystery about a Reykjavik Crime Detective who is sent to a small rural community in Iceland to help a young local policewoman investigate a suspicious accident. Together they unravel a mystery that involves bizarre incidents and unexplained deaths, set against the backdrop of a controversial hydroelectric project.
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Genre: Horror Comedy
Run Time: 80 min
Language: English
Director(s): Johan Bromander, Bonita Drake
Screenplay/Writer(s): Johan Bromander, Bonita Drake
Cast: Fredrik Hiller, Madeleine Borg, Benjamin Brook, Aggy Kukawa
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location:
Year: 2014
Countries of Origin: Sweden
Only the finest ingredients! A bus load of American students on a culture trip in Europe stumble up on a mysterious Hamburger stand in the middle of nowhere. They are about to realize that European notion of American Hamburgers is terrifyingly different to what they’re used to… Director’s Comment “Hoping to do for burgers what JAWS did for sharks…”
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Genre: Fantasy Drama
Run Time: TV Series | Season 1 of 3 - 12 x 44 min
Language: Finnish
Director(s): Miikko Oikkonen
Screenplay/Writer(s): Miikko Oikkonen, Antti Pesonen, Annina Holmberg
Executive Producer(s): Matti Halonen
Producer(s): Matti Halonen
Agent: Eyewell AB
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location:
Year: 2013
Countries of Origin: Finland
When Didi, a young, pretty, small town girl, makes love to her boyfriend for the first time, the boy dies. Eventually, Didi, meets two (remarkable) women, Kati and Nadia, who tell her she is no ordinary girl; like Kati and Nadia, she is a Nymph. A totally new way of life with new rules and boundaries, a life where she must leave her old family and friends behind. The nymphs have escaped from the tyranny of the satyrs to live on their own among humans. One of them, Didi, could turn out to be the Legend. The one that many stories have been told about, the one who could lead the nymphs to freedom. Once a month, a nymph has to have sex with a man. If she does not, she will grow old during the next night of the full moon – so old she will reach death’s door. However, nymphs, especially young ones, are lethal to men. Because of Didi, the three nymphs are soon in danger of revealing their ancient secret to humans. To make the situation even more challenging, the trio has the police and the satyrs’ best hunters after them. That Didi falls madly in love with a young medical student, Samuel, doesn’t make things any easier for them. As we have learned from numerous tragedies from the past, nothing good will ever come of relationships between humans and divine beings… Feature in Englisg language in development.
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