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Hannibal Classics
Hannibal Classics, 8265 Sunset Blvd., Suite 106, West Hollywood CA 90046, USA
Tel: 323-848-2945 Fax: 323-848-2946

Market Stand: Year-round exhibitor on the S&T platform

Richard Rionda Del Castro, Chairman & CEO
Patricia Rionda Del Castro, President
Ariel Veneziano , Head of Sales
Farouk Hadef, Head of Sales
Lindsey Roth, Head of Business & Legal Affairs323-848-2945
Cam Cannon, Director of Development323-848-2945

Genre: Crime Thriller
Run Time: 100 min
Language: English
Director(s): John Luessenhop
Screenplay/Writer(s): David Aaron Cohen
Cast: John Travolta, Katheryn Winnick, Kellan Lutz, Jordi Molla
Delivery Status: Completed
Year: 2017
Countries of Origin: USA
The action-packed, sexy true story of Don Aronow, the larger-than-life speedboat champion and multimillionaire whose mysterious murder shocked the world in 1987. Aronoff, a New Jersey construction developer, reinvents himself as a speedboat builder and racer in Miami, until his shady past catches up with him.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Thriller
Language: English
Director(s): Johnny Martin
Screenplay/Writer(s): John Mankiewicz
Producer(s): Michael Mendelsohn, Richard Rionda Del Castro
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Don Johnson, Anna Hutchison, Deborah Unger, Vince Neil, Charline Tilton
Delivery Status: In Production
Budget or Location: $25 Million
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: USA
A police detective who served as a Marine in Iraq takes justice in his own hands after a horrible crime.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Action/Adventure
Language: English
Director(s): TBA
Screenplay/Writer(s): Scott Windhauser
Producer(s): Richard Rionda Del Castro
Delivery Status: In Development
Budget or Location: $60 Million
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: USA
A massive tsunami hits Los Angeles causing massive destruction unlike anything the city has ever seen.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Action
Language: English
Director(s): Alexander Witt & David Sardi
Producer(s): Richard Rionda Del Castro
Delivery Status: Pre-Production
Budget or Location: $25 Million
Year: 2016
Countries of Origin: Mexico
After a sure-fire narcotics bust goes horribly wrong, resulting in exactly zero arrests, DEA Agent TRENT MITCHELL has had enough. For years, he has chased a drug lord named DAVID "DIAMANTE" PELAYO, only to be outsmarted at every turn. Worse, the DEA turns on him, and won't allow further investigation. Against their orders, he tracks down his informant, a police chief in a small border community called Los Rojos. Unfortunately, the police chief has been outed, and Diamante and his men murder him. His replacement is LENA MENDEZ (Priyanka Chopra or equivalent), a woman with equal parts beauty and fearlessness. After Lena dresses him down for putting her chief in danger, Trent returns to El Paso to lick his wounds and come up with a new plan to take on Diamante. His first stop is a federal prison, where his old buddy MARTIN CRANE (Russell Crowe or equivalent) is set for release. Years earlier, while in the DEA, Crane avenged his family who were killed by the cartels. The DEA left him to rot in jail, and he's anxious to do anything that might piss them off. Going after Diamante on his home turf of Mexico is not a two-person job, so they assemble a team. MARCELES, RINEAU, FRANCHESCA and HUNTER comprise the mismatched crew, each chosen for their various skills and levels of expertise. They kidnap Diamante's accountant and press him for details about the empire, knowing that to truly hurt Diamante they have to go after his money. The cartel hits back, leading to a spectacular shoot out and chase through the desert. Their exploits attract the attention of the DEA and a United States security contractor named FAIRBANKS, who abducts Crane and Trent from Mexico. Crane and Trent fight their way out and return to Mexico to finish what they have started. Movies simply don't get more exciting than "Red Squad." Directed by Alexander Witt whose flair for action makes for an entertaining adventure in which good triumphs over evil and an unlikely hero emerges and inspires.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

Genre: Action/Adventure/War
Language: English
Director(s): Mario Van Peebles
Screenplay/Writer(s): Richard Rionda Del Castro, Cam Cannon
Executive Producer(s): Patricia Rionda, Tim Cavanaugh
Producer(s): Richard Rionda Del Castro
Cast: Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore, Brian Presley, Matt Lanter, Cody Walker
Agent: Hannibal Classics
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: $45 Million
Year: 2015
Countries of Origin: USA
A real epic story based on true events. After delivering the atomic bomb that will end WWII, the USS INDIANAPOLIS is sunk by a Japanese torpedo, leaving nine hundred men stranded in the ocean, where they battle sharks, thirst, and nature. Screening by invitation only please RSVP to Kristy. Please include screening date and time you would like to attend and member of your team attending.
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Genre: Action-Thriller
Language: English
Director(s): Chuck Russell
Executive Producer(s): Richard Rionda Del Castro, Patricia Eberle
Producer(s): Michael Mendelsohn
Cast: John Travolta, Christopher Meloni, Sam Trammell, Amanda Schull, Rebecca De Mornay
Agent: Hannibal Classics
Delivery Status: Completed
Budget or Location: $18 Million
Year: 2015
Countries of Origin: USA
A man re-enters a life of violence he had long-since left behind in a desperate effort to avenge the senseless murder of his beloved wife.
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Genre: Action
Director(s): R. Ellis Frazier
Cast: Dolph Lundgren
Delivery Status: Post Production
Budget or Location: $6 Million
Year: 2016
A former CIA contractor is sent to a Mexican prison after getting busted for a heist. He must steal $2 Million from a prison vault to gain his freedom back.
Trailer @ Market or Not Yet Available

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